Which One Do You Pick?

Imagine you are at the store, looking to buy and apple for a snack. There you see two big red sweet juicy apples. They were both grown under 100% organic conditions and cost exactly the same. They taste great and make you feel terrific after you eat them.

Now, suppose we take one and offer to reduce the price by 30%. Sounds like a great deal, right?  However, there is a catch. To reduce the sales price of this apple, we have to turn it into a "conventional" apple.

While you watch, we are going to inject the apple with a nutrient solution, which duplicates the effect of the apple tree growing in conventional soil. Soil, which has been “enriched” with artificially, produced fertilizers and herbicides. Then, we are going to pull out a spray bottle with a solution of pesticide and herbicide and spray the apple.

For the sake of argument, assume that by adding these harmful ingredients to the apple, we have effectively turned it into a conventional apple. The difference is that you have seen the extra chemicals added, instead of just the finished product, which otherwise looks benign. Also, the quality of taste will be diminished, and your body won't feel the same refreshing effect.

Eating one apple like this probably won't kill you, but eating a bunch over time could cause your body to accumulate these chemicals, resulting in disease or worse. The more organic (a.k.a. healthy) food and drink choices you make, the better off your body will be.

So, now that you know, which one will you pick?