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"The coffee is absolutely amazing! I love that it is roasted in small batches for premium freshness. I have a personal coffee maker at my desk and I make this coffee every morning. I was extremely sad when I ran out! Also, I personally know the owner of the company that makes this absolutely amazing coffee! - Andrew L.
"The Good Java Company produces a wonderful Colombian coffee blend. We have received several orders and each has been quick, reliable, and good." - Perfesser

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Gourmet Coffee Menu (12 oz)

  • $13.97 Colombian Whole Bean
  • $13.97 Colombian Ground
  • $14.47 SWP Decaf Whole Bean
  • $14.47 SWP Decaf Ground
  • $15.47 Hazelnut Ground



"I've been trying to live more sustainable. I love the fact that it's organic, fair trade and for a good price. This coffee is some of the best I've ever had. I even use less cream and sugar with it. I've done it drip brew and through the french press. Both are amazing. My whole family loves it. I am definitely buying more. I like my coffee to be a darker roast. The taste is hearty and earthy buy not in a "I'm tasting dirt" kind of way." - GoldenGirl
"The Good Java Company coffee is delicious. I have been exclusively buying their decaffeinated and regular coffee for years.  It is nice to support a company with a healthy product and a wonderful mission.  I appreciate the organic and Swiss water processing of their coffee.  The hazelnut flavor is new and we love it!  Two tips: 1. add cinnamon or all spice to the regular or decaffeinated grounds for an added touch, 2: save the coffee grounds, add sugar and olive or grape oil.  It makes a great body scrub." - Christy
"If you like a nice hearty decaf here it is. I have reordered these beans numerous times." - M. Fox
"A very great tasting coffee and not too strong with a nice sweet taste, excellent coffee!" - Germinal
"This coffee is delicious." - J. Kidd
"This is quality hazelnut coffee. It has a mellow taste with no bitterness. Good stuff!!" - Bob A.
"This was my third bag of coffee from this company, and my coffee lasts a long time since I use it in my single serve reusable K-cup for my Keurig. This is good coffee, from a company I trust, organic, flavorful, and processed without the traditional harsh chemicals. Even though it is more than I would normally pay for a bag of coffee, it is worth it - not to mention a lot less expensive per serving than prepackaged K-cups." - C. Hall
"I live in the northeast in Dunkin Donuts country. In my effort to move towards an organic coffee, I stumbled upon The Good Java Company's take on hazelnut. I do not claim to be a coffee expert by any means, but am compelled to write how great this product was. I've gone through an entire bag and will be purchasing again immediately. This coffee is rich without being burnt (sorry Starbucks) and actually portrays the hazelnut flavor perfectly. Living in an area where DD is king, they could learn a thing or two by actually caring about the coffee they brew, like TGJC. Worth the price in every way. I will be trying additional flavors as well, as I'm sure they are excellent as well. Great product!" - J.T.

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