What Makes Java Good?

At some point in time, a true coffee lover will get fed up with hit-and-miss coffee experiences. Once in a great while, you’ll hear someone rave about the coffee they just had, but more often than not, you’ll here complaints about crappy coffee, especially around the office water cooler.

So what are the qualities that, combined together, make a consistently good cup of coffee? Obviously we should know the answer and, after you try your first cup of The Good Java, we believe you’ll agree that we do! Here’s the list of qualities we discovered that puts the “Good” in java:

  • USDA Organic – the only thing in the coffee bean is COFFEE … no pesticides or herbicides!

  • Fair Trade – It helps farming communities in developing countries to improve the quality of their environment and their lives!

  • Fresh Roasted – not weeks or months ago, but very recently (the bloom test)!

  • Care – when it’s from someone you trust, who cares about your satisfaction!

  • Consistent – the same recipe of success, applied every time!

You shouldn’t have to be lucky enough to live near the best coffee shop in the world to get the satisfaction you deserve, and you shouldn’t have to finish off an aging stockpile of so-so coffee from the area “bulk-mart” before getting your next batch. And finally, you shouldn’t have to buy “fresh” coffee, one cup at a time at an insanely high premium cost… that’s just wrong!

The Good Java Company has got the perfect solution for true coffee lovers like you and me; we address all the bullet qualities listed above to make every experience a Good Java experience in your cup!