The Bloom!

How do you know that a bag of roasted coffee is really fresh? There is a method of brewing coffee which will give you definitive proof! It is known as the pour over coffee method, and the proof is in "the bloom!"

The pour over coffee method is an interesting process, which is done by hand. Simply put, it involves a slow, even pour of hot water over the top of coffee grounds, which then soaks down through the grounds, through a filter cone, and into a waiting mug or flask below.

When the grounds are really fresh, you will see an amazing effect, known as the bloom! As you continue to pour, you will see a bubbling cloud suddenly grow on top of the wet grounds. This is a sudden release of the CO2 in the coffee.

CO2 is a by-product of the coffee roasting process. It will continue to evolve out of the coffee less and less as it ages and becomes stale. The higher and more bubbly the bloom, the fresher the coffee will be!

To perform the pour over coffee method, there are some specialty items you will need, which can be found in the better stores and on the Internet. They are the following:

•    a pouring kettle
•    a cone-shaped filter
•    a dripper, or filter support
•    a mug or flask
•    a thermometer

The basic steps to perform the pour over coffee method are as follows:

•    place dripper on top of mug or flask
•    place filter cone in dripper
•    scoop fresh coffee grounds into filter (approx. 16g or 2 Tbs), enough to brew one cup
•    boil water in the pouring kettle
•    remove kettle from heat, allow to cool slightly to about 200 F
•    pour water into center of grounds, spiraling out to the edge and wetting all grounds
•    allow bloom to subside as the hot water soaks through to the bottom
•    perform two additional pour/pause events; each of the three should take about 1 minute, for a total of 3 minutes

When you are done, simply remove the dripper and enjoy your hand-crafted coffee brew! The bigger and puffier the bloom, the greater the freshness! Try it out sometime with The Good Java brand, and see for yourself how fresh our coffee really is!