What Is Your Coffee Saying About You?

It's a fact that how you treat yourself, and other people, sheds more light on who you are than words ever will; as the saying goes, actions speak louder than words! So how does a topic like this fit into a coffee blog? Glad you asked!

You know what it's like to walk into someone's home or business and smell the aroma ofreally good coffee brewing. When you accepted the offered cup, you weren't just being gracious, you were genuinely grateful!

Sharing a great cup of coffee goes a long way toward setting a positive tone for any get-together. When it's The Good Java, if your friends or colleagues ask (and they will), you can tell them that it was just delivered to you fresh, is 100% organic, and Fair Trade certified. They will be impressed, with both the coffee and you, and will probably ask how they can get some too!

Basically, when you drink and share The Good Java, you are treating yourself and others with great regard for wellbeing and satisfaction, because you care... and that says it all!