Our History



It all began in the Summer of 2011 in a local bookstore with the founder of The Good Java Company.

The name and logo of TGJC suddenly appeared in his mind and he quickly sketched them out on a napkin, envisioning a family-owned and operated business.  Although he never before imagined starting a coffee company, he felt led to follow this path, and chose to do so with courage and faith.



The Good Java Company was born in January 2012. Our goal has been to provide healthy, Life-Changing coffee that is:

  • USDA Organic

  • Fair Trade Certified

  • Small Batch Roasted

  • Shipped Fresh 

The result is coffee of excellent quality and AMAZING TASTE!

Now Let's Build Our Sales!

Just as many small company's begin selling... we headed out to inexpensive retail space LOL :-)  We found that farmer's markets were a great first step to meeting fellow coffee lovers and to get the word out!


We understand the value of partnership.  One of the things that drives us to grow our business is so that we can pour back into both the community and into causes that we believe in.  WJTL 90.3FM is a seasoned radio station that reaches into several cities around the Lancaster, PA area. We have a common philosophy in that we strive daily to give people encouragement and hope!

Since we started working together, we have provided free coffee to one winning listener during the ever so popular 9 o'clock coffee break call-in each Wednesday morning.  In addition to this, we also sponsor their Live at the Junction Center concerts by providing our coffee for free. This partnership has given us the opportunity to fellowship with the community on a personal level and with like-minded businesses on a professional level!

The Kiosk Adventure

Approaching the Thanksgiving/Christmas season, we decided to up our game! We positioned ourselves in one of the most popular shopping venues in Lancaster, the Park City Center.  We met a lot of new friends, while sampling and selling the best coffee in town!


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Expanding Into Local Grocery Stores

People who visited us at the kiosk would often ask us if we were in several of the popular local stores, saying, "if you were in such and so store where I shop, I'd buy your coffee there!" Ding ding ding!  We listened and we responded by making arrangements with these local grocery outlets to have our coffees available for purchase. This move has been a blessing to our company, for sure.  We really appreciate the support of our community, here in Lancaster!

Expanding Our Reach Beyond Our Neighborhood


Even though word of mouth was beginning to bring us new customers outside of the Lancaster area, we realized that there was a need to acquire effective exposure on a national level.  It didn't take long to figure out that Amazon was the answer.  We made arrangements to sell our coffees in this massive marketplace, providing a choice of fulfillment options both through Amazon and through us.  The results have been astonishing!  Not only have we now sold in all 50 states, but in several U.S. territories throughout the world!  We're still patting ourselves on the back, LOL :-D

Reflect and Move Forward

Now that we have started to make our mark in the coffee community, we took pause to reflect on everything we have accomplished, up to this point. We are amazed and blessed to see how far we have come. Even so, we took a look back at our definition of "life-changing" coffee.  We said that it had to be both healthy and socially conscious... but was this really all? How could we do it even better than this?

And now here we are with the answer! Receiving your coffee direct from the roaster to you provides the guaranteed best quality and experience, hands down!  This is accomplished by subscribing to our roasting schedule. As our subscriber, your next batch of coffee is always roasted for YOU, and it is delivered at peak freshness to your doorstep before you run out! It's the proverbial slam dunk!

If you are interested in participating in a subscription coffee program, send us a message by filling out the form on our connection tab.